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Waste bags

Buy best value waste bags and sacks, including black sacks, bin liners and extra strong sacks, for all your rubbish disposal needs.

Waste bags are…

  • Used to dispose of waste
  • An invaluable tool for helping you keep your home or workplace clean
  • Handy for both indoor and outdoor (garden) waste collection
  • Also known as bin bags, bin liners, waste sacks, rubbish bags or black sacks
  • Made of polythene that contains any mess in a clean, non-porous container
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit any bin, from a small pedal bin to a huge compactor bin
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to suit the type of waste you need to throw away, from tissue paper to building site rubble
  • Available in a range of colours, allowing you to handily separate your waste into different types or materials
  • Therefore perfect for collecting recycling
  • Ideal for lining a dustbin, but can also be held, tied or left free-standing
  • Generally sold tight on a roll (making them handy to store) before opening out to a handy size
  • Dispensed by tearing the perforated seal that joins two bags
  • Perfect for tidying up in any environment
  • Used by billions of people the world over
  • The number one waste disposal aid

Ten reasons why bin liners is in the news

20 pc black waste bags for sale @R20 per packet

Send me your orders via whatsapp. Delivery in witbank and middelburg for complimentary. 30 micron heavy duty waste bags . R30 per pack of 20 bags .

Bin Liner Manufacturer United Kingdom

Suitable bin liners should be well designed utilising the latest technology to ensure safety and efficiency in daily use. A reduction in the thickness of the body liners assists lower logistics costs and Carbon Dioxide emission. Consequently, such bin liners can replace thicker types in diverse areas of application so helping lower material costs. It is necessary that the bin liners are manufactured of robust, tear-resistant plastic.

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Biodegradable Bin Liners x 25 Bags Per Roll (30L) - 15 Micron

Rubbish does not have to be unpleasant. And the 30L Biodegradable Bin Liners demonstrates it. They are white, which enables them to blend well with the surrounding.

240L Contractour Black Wheelie Bin Liners

These Wheelie Bin Liners are tear-resistant and have big strength Suitable for big 240L wheelie bins. Dispose of alternative waste and waste with ease in your wheelie bin or use as a proper storage solution. Wheelie Bin Liners are generally suited to food waste, empty bottles and heavy-duty waste with no sharp edges.

Q Connect Square Bin Liners (1000)

1000 White 30 Litre Square Bin Liners, perfect for home or office.

Heavy Duty Swing Bin Linersoptimal for use in high demand environments where a more heavier duty liner is required.

Polylina Large Garden Waste Sacks - Pack of 10

These additional-big garden waste sacks are manufactured of robust plastic with tie handles for easy fastening – optimal for collecting garden waste and keeping it dry. 

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A fantastic, low cost, practical product for pet lovers and a unique platform for companies to promote their emblem Containing 15 waste bags this lightweight and compact waste bag dispenser makes an unpleasant responsibility an efficient and hygienic one, whilst at the same time offers a generous printing area of 35mm x 15mm for your […]

Refuse Sacks Recycled LDPE 240 L Black 10 Pcs/Roll

Refuse Sacks Recycled LDPE 240 L Black 10 Pcs/Roll: Business, Industry & Science. Refuse Sacks Recycled LDPE 240 L Black 10 Pcs/Roll: Business, Industry & Science. Stable: 1000 x 1200 x 0, 065 mm black. ? On a roll: you will receive 10 waste bags enclosed on a roll. ? DEISS bin bags and bin bags convince with their consistently high quality. From the selection of raw materials to strict quality tests, we frequently have the perfect stop product in view. DEISS LDPE bin bags are bin bags manufactured from low density polyethylene (recycled polyethylene). LDPE is a soft, stretchy material that is also uniform for fat and angular waste due to its tear strength. ? ? ?

Waste bags - the best waste disposal tool

It’s hard to imagine domestic life without the humble bin bag. They are a small but fundamental part of our daily lives, both domestically and in the workplace, making how we keep our home or workplace clean a relatively simple task.

Invented in Canada in 1950 and sold domestically since the late 1960s, the waste bag - otherwise known as the bin bag, bin liner or garbage bag, depending on where you’re from - has since become an integral part of every home. If the bin bag roll is running low, it’s a sure-fire addition to the weekly shopping list.

Types of waste bin and their bags

Waste bags don't just mean your common or garden black sack. There is a huge selection of waste bags out there to fit a multitude of rubbish bins or all shapes and sizes.

Here we provide a rundown of the common types of bin used in the home or workplace, along with a recommended type of waste bag for that bin.

Upright bin - Your classic household bin. Most commonly found in the kitchen and featuring a flip top or spring-loaded push top lid.
Used for: General kitchen waste.
Recommended waste bags: Black bin bags - choose from ultra light, economy, classic or premium depending on your budget (thinner means cheaper) and the size of your bin (bigger bins mean more waste which may need thicker bags).

Brabantia bin - A brand of upright bin that has proved very popular in recent years. Round with a spring-loaded push top lid.
Used for: General kitchen waste.
Recommended waste bags: Brabantia bin bags or black bin bags (as per upright bins).

Door-hanging bin - A small bin with a flip-top lid, attached to the inside of a cupboard door, usually in a kitchen unit, conveniently hidden away from sight until the bin is required.
Used for: General kitchen waste.
Recommended waste bags: Black bin bags.

Pedal bin - An upright round bin operated by a pedal, that you press with your foot to open. Used mostly in kitchens (taller bins) or bathrooms (smaller bins).
Used for: Bathroom waste or general kitchen waste.
Recommended waste bags: Pedal bin liners (for smaller pedal bins and lighter waste) or black bin bags (for larger pedal bins and heavier waste).

Swing bin - An upright bin with a swing-top lid that swings open in two directions around a central pivot. Usually used in kitchens (taller bins) or bathrooms/offices (smaller bins).
Used for: Bathroom waste, office waste or general kitchen waste.
Recommended waste bags: Swing bin liners.

Wheelie bin - An outdoor dustbin on wheels for easy portability. Tall bins (approx 120cm) with a lift-open lid, that easily load onto the back of a rubbish truck.
Used for: General domestic waste, recycling or garden waste.
Recommended waste bags: Wheelie bin bags, biodegradable wheelie bin bags

Traditional dustbin - Classic old-fashioned circular metal dustbin with a lift-off lid, as used widely before the wheelie bin was invented. Think Dusty Bin from ‘80s TV programme 3-2-1 (ask your parents or Google kids).
Used for: General domestic waste or garden waste.
Recommended waste bags: Black bin bags or biodegradable bin bags.

Kitchen caddy - These small bins with a flip-top lid can be placed on a worktop, offering a convenient place to collect your food waste before disposing on a compost heap or larger food waste bin.
Used for: Food waste.
Recommended waste bags: Food bags, compost bags, biodegradable bin bags.

Compactor bin - Industrial bins used by businesses to compress waste, increasing the amount of waste you can fit in one bin, meaning reduced waste disposal costs.
Used for: General industrial/workplace waste.
Recommended waste bags: Black compactor sacks, clear compactor sacks.

Recycling bin - Bins used to collect recyclable waste, such as paper, aluminium, glass or plastic. Ideal for managing recycling at home or in the workplace.
Used for: Domestic or workplace recyclable waste.
Recommended waste bags: Printed recycling sacks, plain coloured bags, clear waste bags.

Litter bin - Bins placed in public spaces allowing members of the public to dispose of their waste and keep the local area clean. Ideally placed next to a recycling bin to allow for separation of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
Used for: Litter.
Recommended waste bags: Classic or premium (e.g. thick) black bin bags. Clear waste sacks.

Clinical waste bins - Used in hospitals, surgeries etc to collect clinical waste. Made to exacting hygiene standards to comply with relevant legislation.
Used for: Clinical waste.
Recommended waste bags: Yellow clinical waste sacks.

Where to buy waste bags and sacks

Waste bag manufacturers and suppliers include:

Black Sacks
Black Sacks is the internet's number one destination for black bin bags, waste sacks and bin liners. Providing customers with a huge range of waste sacks - in both black and colour - and a huge amount of info so that people can buy just the right for them.

Wheelie Bin Liners
This website is a top resource on wheelie bin liners and other waste sacks. Featuring loads of information on different types of waste bags and where to buy them at the best prices online, along with guidelines on how to reduce your waste.

Rubbish Sacks
A great one-stop shop for all your rubbish sack needs, this website provides customers with all they need to get the best bin bags, waste sacks and bin liners at rock bottom prices, along with eco-friendly alternatives for those with one eye on the environment.

Rubble Bags
Rubble Bags is the ideal website for anyone looking for extra strong waste disposal sacks that don't tear or puncture easily - ideal for those in the building industry or with heavy duty DIY jobs to do at home.

Waste Sacks
A fantastic resource on waste sacks, including information on how they are manufactured, what different types of bin bag are used for and where you can buy them - or eco-friendly alternatives - at the best prices online.

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Refuse Bags

Black Heavy Duty Refuse Bags - Thick and heavy-duty

White Swing Bin Liner Heavy Duty Dimensions: 13 x 23 x 30 Weight: n/a Packsise: 1x500

From Monday 27 January, compostable kitchen caddy liners to take food leftovers can be bought at selected Medway libraries.

What do you do with bones and meat scraps? my view is not to compost these. I still put these and fish bones/ shells in biodegradable bin liners and would like to know what the rest transport out

Wheelie Bin Liners

Economical, practical, hygienic why would you not want to invest in a case of wheelie bin liners? Especially if your assortment is no longer weekly, it's worth investing in wheelie bin liners to retain your waste packed away until assortment.

9008 White Square Bin Liners 15 x 24 x 24"

 9008 White Square bin liners 15 x 24 x 24"

Swing Bin Liners (Heavy Duty)

What to do with clinical waste sacks and sharps boxes

To use the clinical waste sacks correctly make sure you:

Dog waste bags – Products & Environment Discussions

Dog Waste Bags ( boxed type )

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Research & Resources

To find out more about waste bags and refuse sacks, through their whole life-cycle from manufacturing to the range of bags available and how to recycle them, please visit:

Goldstork: Browse specially hand-picked information on waste bags in this free directory listing the very best information online. The leading UK polythene packaging directory, where manufacturers can list products for free and shoppers can browse a huge selection of waste bags websites.

PackagingKnowledge: The undisputed number one knowledge website for the polythene packaging industry in the UK, featuring tonnes of useful information and informative articles on waste bags.

Waste bags - we’re on a roll!

Waste bags are polythene bags that, when manufactured, are usually folded up flat along the length of the bag, with the long edges folded in towards the middle of the bag from both sides.

Having been flattened and folded, the polythene used to make waste bags is then perforated at regular intervals to create the right length/height for each waste bag.

The polythene - folded, flattened and complete with perforated seams - is then wrapped into a tight roll to allow for easy storage. Each roll of bin bags usually contains 50 or 100 bags, each linked by the perforated seams that easily tear, allowing you to separate a new bag from the roll whenever you are ready to use it.

How to use a waste bag

Waste bags can be used in a number of ways, most commonly used as a bin liner to line rubbish bins, but also a handy portable bin or one that can be left hanging or freestanding on the floor.

So there is not one simple one-size-fits-all method to use a bin bag, but the method described below is that most commonly employed - using a waste bag to collect rubbish inside a dustbin. They are usually called bin bags after all!

Take your roll of bags, grab the loose end the roll and give it a gentle tug to tear the perforated seam and separate the bin bag from the roll. If this doesn’t work you might need to pull a little harder with both hands close to the perforated seam.

Go to your waste bin and - assuming it has a lid - remove the lid ready to place the bag inside. Place the waste bag inside the bin, tucking the top end of the bin over the top of the bin or, if the bin has such a feature, the ring inside the lid designed to hold bin bags.

Once your waste bag is placed inside the bin and the lid secured your bin is ready to use. Place your waste into the bin bag as required, remembering to separate out any recyclable materials - e.g. paper, plastic, tins, cans, glass - or food waste.

Keep on eye on the contents of your bin bag over time to ensure it doesn’t get too full. Ideally, you should remove the waste bag just as the rubbish approaches the top of the bag, to leave enough room to tie the bag and ensure none of the waste spills out.

Once your waste bag is removed from the bin, place one hand on either side of the top of the bag, pull together and tie into a knot secure enough to prevent the bag opening again, before placing it in your external waste disposal - e.g. wheelie bin.

You’re now ready to tear a new waste bag from the roll and carry out the whole process all over again.