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Bin liners are polythene sacks designed to line the inside of rubbish bins, to enable the easy gathering and disposal of waste. Bin liners are designed for a huge range of bins, including swing top bins, square bins, pedal bins, push top bins, brabantia bins and wheelie bins. Once you line the inside of a bin with a bin liner, you can then fill the bin before removing the lid and simply lifting out the bin liner to dispose of the waste in a simple, convenient and clean manner.

Bin liners are...

  • Bags used to line bins, but more specifically...
  • Polythene bags used to line the inside of dustbin
  • Also known as bin bags, waste sacks or rubbish bags
  • Used to catch rubbish when it is placed into a dustbin
  • Great at keeping the interior walls of the bin clean, stain-free and smell-free
  • Excellent at reducing odour levels when collecting and disposing of everyday rubbish
  • Handy to use, providing quick and easy disposal of rubbish collected within the bin
  • Easily sealed and disposed of when full - just remove the full bin liner from the bin, lift at the edges, grab a handful of polythene from either side and then tie in a knot above the middle of the bag. You can then transport the bin liner to your exterior dustbin or wheelie bin
  • Available in a range of shapes to suit all types of bin, including pedal bins, swing bins, square bins, round bins, flip-top bins, brabantia bins or traditional lift-lid dustbins.
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit any bin, big or small
  • Available in traditional polythene or a range of biodegradable alternatives - perfect for gathering food waste, kitchen waste, composting materials or garden waste

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Every Super Pooper Scooper come?s with a complimentary pack of 25 Bio degradable waste bags, so you are covered from day one. Replacement Bio degradable waste bags are on offer in packs of 25 waste bags or in the form of rolls of 100 waste bags.

15 Bio-Degradable Refuse Sacks

Why didn’t Veolia collect their weekly round of waste off the busy road early this morning? Sacks being blown around onto the road. Interesting to see more Council green waste sacks queuing at the bus stop waiting for Veolia!! #MuckyMerton Polybags

These MaxValu Recycled Bin Liners can be used to line larger bins around the home or office. They are manufactured from a high quality plastic that resists tearing, splitting and leaks. They have a flexible building which makes them easy to tie up and remove once full.

Stronghold Bin Liners Heavy Duty 200S Durable and robust, Stronghold heavy duty bin liners are perfect for use around the home or in the workplace. Ideal for parties, caterers and offices, these heavy-duty Stronghold bin liners are capable of holding up to 100 litres worth of waste. Bag Dimentions: 45.7 x 73.6 x 86cm Strength: Strong Capacity: 100 Litre Pack Type: Carton Stronghold 200 Heavy Duty Black Bin Liners

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Biodegradable Waste Bags

Biodegradable Waste Bag

The forensic evidence linked Huntley to the bodies in several methods. Firstly there was the heat-resistant head hairs on the clothes; then there was the placing of the clothes in his caretaker's bin; then there was the fire itself, because peculiarly, the girls' bodies were partially burned also, destroying the other potential origin for DNA evidence, so that his bin was attached to the bodies also by the absence of DNA from the bodies or from the carrier. Then there was the recommendation put to the jury by the prosecution that they might believe that when placing the bodies on Lakenheath, Huntley had used his black bin liners above his shoes to record for the absence of his shoe prints there, which uses his bin liners to connect the placing of the bodies on Lakenheath with the fire in his bin. So, in fitting himself up with the forensic evidence in his bin, the jury were also invited to believe that he forgot to remove his bin liners from his feet when he got into his car, because traces of the soil at Lakenheath were found in his car, and this after he was supposed to have spring-cleaned his car and his house (and his dog). The prosecution also linked him to the bodies geographically as well, because the public found the bodies very close his father's house (where he was arrested), and nearby the lake where Maxine Carr took her name (The Carr).

Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags x 25 Bags

Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags ReviewGarbage, the by-product of daily domestic and commercial activities, will constantly be churned out. In fact the normal annual amount of waste generated by persons in Europe is 477 kg. With increased consumer spending habits, and the fact that most of the stuff that's purchased eventually winds up in the trash, whether it's containers whose contents have been depleted, throughout to leftover food material, and even electronic waste, the trend is not about to quid any time soon.

As reported, the AusTender website published a request for information (RFI) on March 15 “pursuing information on domestic production capabilities relevant to a spectrum of medical PPE (special protective equipment), including surgical gowns, gloves, goggles, hand sanitisers, clinical waste bags, waste bag closure devices (ties), blood and liquid spill kits, mask fit test kits and thermometers”.

The bin liner - a brief history

The bin liner is such a part of modern day life that you could be forgiven for thinking it was always there, but of course it wasn't!

In Canada in 1950 an inventor by the name of Harry Wasylyk from Winnipeg, Manitoba, alongside his colleague Larry Hansen - another Canadian, from Lindsay, Ontario - invented the first polyethylene bin liner, which was the colour green.

Of course, being a North American creation, the world's very first bin liner wasn't called a bin liner, or even a rubbish bag, but a garbage bag (that's rubbish, North America!).

Whilst obviously very clever chaps, Messrs Wasylyk and Hansen didn't quite spot the future direction for the humble bin liner and the fact that it would end up in millions of homes around the world, as the first bin liners were designed for commercial use rather than use at home.

Having sold the first bags to the Winnipeg General Hospital, Wasylyk and Hansen sold their invention to the Union Carbide Company, Lindsay, where they worked and the company saw their potential for future use. Union Carbide began manufacturing the first green garbage bags for home use that decade and the very first bin liners (or garbage bags) for home use went on sale in the late 1960s under the name Glad Garbage.

So if you like bin bags then you should be glad for Glad Garbage, even if you aren't glad that the name includes the term garbage. It's probably a better, or less rubbish, brand name than Glad Rubbish anyway, even if it sounds a bit rubbish to call rubbish garbage.

Make sense? Well, congratulations to Messrs Wasylyk and Hansen for their clever invention, which is anything but rubbish… or garbage for that matter. Here's to you sirs!

Bin liner types - one size does not fit all

What does the term 'bin liner' mean to you? What sort of bin springs to mind and, more importantly, what sort of bin liner or bin bag do you think of fitting inside that bin?

Those very questions will prompt a wide range of answers, depending on who you speak to, reflecting the huge variety of bin liners available to fit the broad and varied array of bins or rubbish receptacles out there.

Bin liners range from very small bags that fit mini pedal bins - the sort commonly found in bathrooms - or kitchen caddies made from biodegradable material that are used to collect food waste disposal, right up to industrial sized bags that fit in wheelie bins or large compactor bins used predominantly outside business premises.

In between, you'll find a broad range of bin bags and liners that cater for bins of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Traditional dustbins
  • Pedal bins
  • Swing bins
  • Square bins
  • Flip-top bins
  • Push-top bins (e.g. Brabantia)
  • Wheelie bins
  • Food bins / Kitchen caddy
  • Compost bins
  • Compactor bin
  • Recycling bins
  • Public litter bins

Bin liners - a black and white issue

The vast majority of bin liners or bin bags - depending on which term you prefer to use - are made from either black or white polythene, although there is a huge range of colours available to meet various waste disposal needs (more details below).

When considering black or white polythene, a good rule of thumb for bin bags is that thin means white and thick means black. Of course this is not always true - the gauge of polythene used for both white and black polythene bin bags will vary - but more often that not, thicker bags are made of black polythene.

Bin liners made from white polythene include a range of bags to fit small bins for domestic use, such as pedal bins, swing bins or square bins. These bags are commonly made from thin, lightweight white polythene as they are designed to deal with light duty use - e.g. tissues, toilet rolls innards, pencil sharpenings etc.

The old-fashioned classic black bin bag is that used for your everyday rubbish, whether in your kitchen bin, an outside dustbin or just used loose to collect rubbish from a wide area, e.g. clearing up after a party.

The standard dimensions of a regular black bin bag are between approx. 85cm and 100cm long - approx. 34” to 39” - and between 64cm and 74 cm wide - approx. 25” to 29”.

More so than white bin liners, black bin bags come in a huge range of thicknesses, from the cheap and cheerful ultra-light price beater sacks at 80 gauge thick, to the ultra thick heavy duty bags, which are up to 350 or 400 gauge thick.

So you could be forgiven for thinking your choice of bin liner is a black and white issue, although this is not the case. Bin liners are available in a huge variety of colours. The coloured varieties tend to be slightly more expensive than the standard black variety, but they can be helpful in many other ways. Here is one of them...

Where to buy bin liners

Bin liner manufacturers and suppliers include:

Rubbish Bags
Discount Rubbish Bags lives up to its name, providing customers with a wide range of rubbish bags, waste sacks and bin liners at discount prices. Contains loads of information, giving you the very best opportunity to buy the right rubbish bag at discount prices.

Bin Liners
A very helpful website for any customer looking to purchase bin liners for any type of waste disposal. Featuring information on different types of polythene bin liner and eco-friendly alternatives, this website has your bin liner needs covered.

Bin Bags
Bin Bags is the website for all your bin bag needs. Whether you are shopping for traditional black waste sacks, bin liners or eco-friendly alternatives, this website will help you find the right bin bag for you.

Black Bin Liners
Whatever type of bin bag or waste sack you are looking for, Discount Bin Liners is sure to help you make the right decision. From pedal bin liners to clinical waste disposal sacks and swing bin liners to wheelie bin bags, this site will help you get the right bin liners at great discount prices.

Wheelie Bin Liners
Discount Wheelie Bin Liners is a useful resource on bin liners, bin bags, waste sacks and eco-friendly bin liners. With bin liner news and a list of bin liner manufacturers, this is a bin liner website you don't want to miss.

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Superiors Heavy Duty Super Pooper Scooper is the perfect tool to assist select up those number 2's, without making a mess. With a solid metal building, zinc plated handles and powder coated trays, the long 75cm handle means you don't need to bend or acquire close to the stools to be able to dispose of them. This pooper scooper also comes with a convenient storage clip, so you can assure your scraper is frequently stored with the pan. Simply place a the degradable waste bag inside the pan. When the bag is full, remove it or drop it directly into the waste bin. This means the pan itself remains 100% clean. Replacement bags can be bought here .

Box of 15 rolls of 20 Addis BioSense 90ltr degradable waste sacks

I feel it is unfair that the new bins will cost people with smaller gardens considerably above what they currently pay for green waste sacks. They have effectively had a service taken away.

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Heavy Duty Bin Liners

Heavy Duty Bin Liners 

Natural Home 3 Gallon Compost Bin Bags (60)

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This was shortly followed by the barbel discovered in a transparent bin bag along the river nearby.

The PPE equipment donated by LBU includes 60 boxes of gloves, 50 laboratory coats, individually packed alcohol wipes, tubs of disinfectant wipes, 30 boxes of facial tissues, disposal aprons and clinical waste bags.

Research & Resources

For more information on bin liners and bin bags, from manufacturing to methods of recycling, plus a list of polythene and biodegradable bags available, please visit:

PackagingKnowledge: The go-to knowledge site for the UK's polythene packaging industry, containing a huge wealth of information and useful articles on bin liners. The UK's number one polythene packaging directory. List your products for free or browse through a fantastic selection of bin liners websites.

Goldstork: Search through specially selected information on bin liners in this free 'pick-of-the-web' directory.

Organise your recycling with coloured bin liners

If you want to separate your rubbish or waste to make it easier to dispose of, then coloured bin liners or bin bags could be just what you are looking for.

Today you can buy bin bags in a range of different colours to cater for your waste disposal needs, whatever they are.

If you just want to separate your rubbish into recyclables and non-recyclables, then why not choose black bin bags for your general waste and then green bin bags for your recyclable waste. You're doing your bit for the environment, so why not choose a green bin bag for your green waste?

The colour of bag you need may be determined by your local council or the company that collects your rubbish. Many people have wheelie bins of a certain colour that need to be filled with a particular type of waste but, in some instances, wheelie bins aren't a practical solution so coloured bin bags solve that problem.

Always check with your local council or the relevant organisation managing your waste disposal, but the following waste is often associated with the following colour of bin bag or wheelie bin:

  • General (non-recyclable) rubbish - black
  • Garden waste - green or brown
  • Food waste - green or brown
  • General recycling - green
  • Plastic recyclables (bottles, trays etc.) - blue
  • Aluminium (cans or tins) - grey or silver
  • Hazardous waste (e.g. asbestos) - red
  • Clinical waste (as used in hospitals) - yellow

Clear bin liners

There is one other 'colour' bin bag not referred to in the list of coloured bin liners. That is partly because it was worthy of a mention all on its own and partly because it doesn't really have a colour - it's see through!

Clear bin liners, otherwise known as see-through bin liners or transparent bin liners, are very useful for managing your waste disposal. They allow you to keep an eye on the rubbish being disposed of to ensure that no foreign materials other than those allowed are dumped in the bag.

Imagine an office where there is loads of paper recycling, but it has to be paper only being thrown away in the bag because it is all tipped straight into a giant shredder. Well what if someone accidentally threw their empty drinks can into the paper bin after finishing their drink?

If you were using traditional black bin liners you might never see that can, which could cause irreparable damage to a very expensive printer. But if you're using clear bin liners then, when you take the bin liner from out of the bin, it's very easy to take a quick look at the contents of the bin. Give it a quick shake about to check there's nothing trapped in the middle that shouldn't be there, and then you're done.

Clear bin bags are very popular in the workplace and are available in a range of thicknesses, to deal with light duty use such as paper, right through to super heavy duty bags for disposing of rubble and other hardcore materials on building sites etc.